Walk With Wings

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Welcome to
Happy Castings With Wings

Specialising in:
Angel Babies, Stillbirth, NICU, PICU, Palliative Care and Angels of all ages

There is no Hand too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world

Here at Happy Castings With Wings we do exactly that, specialising in a field of castings to give a gift of a lifetime. When your world is falling apart, we proudly offer the chance to capture the form of your child's hands and feet in cast granite that will last a lifetime; you will be able to reach out and grasp that little hand any time you need.  We are so glad you found us.

Specialising in Angel Babies, Stillbirths, NICU, PICU, Palliative Care and Angels of all ages we believe every parent should have the gift of a lifetime and be able to share that memory for years to come. We visit hospitals and funeral homes by appointment. We also* cast living sculptures for Newborns, Children of all ages and grandparents to treasure a moment in time of your loved one to look back on for years and years to come. 

We come to you for ease of comfort and service all areas. Please check our news and Facebook page for information about where we may be during the month. If we are not in your area during that month we may still be able to accommodate you so please don't hesitate to contact us.

With endless creation ideas we are sure to be able to help your family create something amazing. Using denture grade gypsum and alginate to produce an accurate mould of such fine detail we can often capture the tiniest fingerprints. The mould is then used to cast an epoxy granite that will last a lifetime. We take out any imperfections such as air bubbles and get your sculpture as perfect as we can, then it's time for a treatment of gold or silver coating and than placed safely into your shadow box. This process takes approx. six weeks to allow the curing process's to ensure you have the strongest and most durable casting possible.

We are a family-run business with a love for making memories for each and every family that we can, in honour of our own Angel Harrison.

* Unfortunately, due to overwhelming demand we are only able to offer our services to families with a child in critical care or who have grown their angel wings.

Feeding Friends NG & NJ feeding tube stickers securely hold a nasal feeding tube and oxygen cannulas in place.

They extend the normal function of dressing retention sheets by providing fun and colorful designs on the tape.

Also, feeding friends stickers can be used as a multi-functioning tape, making dressings for PICC lines, Central lines, Nasal Cannulas and other types of dressings more kid friendly.

Our Goal - provide a fun and safe alternative to traditional retention tape used for feeding tubes or
to make other types of dressings more fun for kids.

All Sales from Feeding Friends support Walk With Wings and the programs they
offer to our community.